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SQOOM Device Technique

Hur funkar SQOOM-devicerna?

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Transducer with titanium alloy. 

Apply a generous amount of active serum.

Battery control light

Charge the SQOOM device until the control light turns green. 

Program button STEP

Pressing the selection button enables you to activate one of the seven programmes. 

On/Off power button

Press the button once to activate and/or deactivate the SQOOM device. 

Programme selection

Each LED indicates an available programme. 

Contact handles right and left

Always firmly hold your SQOOOM device, pressing the contact handles on both sides. 

Control light

The indicator light at the back of the device flashes regularly to indicate that it is in operation (only when in contact with skin).

Charging station

But the SQOOM device back into the charging station after every treatment. This way you can be sure to always have your device ready for action.  

SQOOM M2 Device

High-end technology used in professional beauty salons – Now delivered to your doorstep.

The SQOOM synchron function links the iontophoresis with the sonophorese and increases significantly the effectiveness of both methods.The deep-penetrating micro massage combined with active xCential agents optimizes the success of the treatment.

All programs in one handheld device.

  •   Cleansing – For a physical deep pore cleansing
  •   Massage – In preparation before the anti-aging treatment
  •   Wrinkle – To treat deep wrinkle and fine lines
  •   Lifting – A perfect program for the chin area and neck
  •   Sono – Only ultrasonic for treatments without iontophoresis
  •   Iontophoresis Blue and Green – Only iontophoresis in minus and plus for treatments without ultrasound

Application of xCential serum onto skin

Opening of cell walls

Transfer of active components into cells

Regeneration of damaged skin


LED lights

Ultrasonic Probe

Apply a generous amount of active serum.

Magnetic ring

To fix cotton onto transducer.

LCD screen

To view applied program. 

Power button

Charging port

SQOOM Q1 Device

Unlike most lingering creams or essential oils, SQOOM Q1 device combined with our all-natural xCential booster serum leaves the skin feeling light and fresh. In just a 10-minute treatment, Cleansing and Nutrition modes are activated with the help of both red and blue LED lights, enhancing blood circulation. SQOOM Q1 device is perfect for travel due to its small size and chargeable USB cable.


Light yet potent, travel-friendly and incredibly effective.

The first medical device of its kind that combines ultrasound, magnetic field and light therapy

SQOOM Clinical is used for the treatment of fractures and joints, for bone healing disorders, for the relief of pain, for inflammatory diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, for the treatment of wounds and scars, as well as for cosmetic skin treatment.

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